Release Notes 5.9



  • Bulk SIM Authentication Configuration. Admin and User users are now able to upload a CSV file of ICCIDs, usernames and passwords in order to set the SIM authentication credentials in bulk.

  • Selective peer-to-peer IP address display. SIM peer-to-peer IP addresses are now only displayed for customers who have chosen to use them.

  • Separate SIM Location tab. In the SIM Details page, the SIM’s Location (if available) is now displayed on a separate tab. This means that interaction with the external mapping application only occurs when necessary.


  • Some SIMs (mainly older ones) in the portal have incomplete ICCIDs, and some have incorrect digits. This can lead to problems identifying SIMs correctly. To reduce this issue, this release makes corrections to some ICCIDs. In most cases this will involve adding a missing prefix and/or adding a missing check digit. In some cases this will involve correcting a check digit, or correcting a digit that has been entered incorrectly.

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