Release Notes 5.0




We are pleased to announce a planned deployment of the next release of Emport.
This is an exciting release that will bring you the following new features:

  • Completely new user interface
    • Responsive layout. Adapts automatically to different size screens without the need to zoom. Supports desktops/laptops to tablets, with touch-screen support.
    • Modern look and feel. Cleaner interface focusing on the task and action.
    • New dashboard, separate from the SIM list with improved presentation. Users can still use the graphs to filter the SIM list, now in a simplified way.
    • User-centric design. Improved usability throughout. We significantly reduced number of clicks required to perform tasks.
    • Global search. Users do not have to think what data fields they should be searching in order to find SIMs they are looking for.
    • Advanced filter. Now part of the SIM list with no need to save filters to do bulk actions. Filtered results are now easily actionable.
    • Improved tagging. Users no longer need to create tags in a separate page before assigning them. They can tag their SIMs either as an action on the SIM list or via the SIM details page.
    • More powerful multi-selection of SIMs. In the SIM list, users can select multiple SIMs on the current page or other pages, or select all SIMs resulting from the current filter. They can also deselect multiple SIMs across the pages.
    • Internationalisation. The user interface now supports multiple languages, starting with English and German automatically switching based on users' web browser locale settings. More languages to follow.
  • Two factor authentication
    • An additional security step for user log-ins that occurs after user name and password is entered.
    • Significantly more secure than the standard password-only approach.
    • Requires use of a mobile phone app.
    • Enabled or disabled for all users within an individual organisation (customer or reseller), except those with the View-Only role. 


In designing the the new user interface, we had the opportunity to review some of the functionality for which we were seeing very little use, and features that will have their value reduced because of new functionality that has been introduced recently. Consequently some legacy functions have been removed.

For a comprehensive list of deprecated features please see the "Emport Redesign and Deprecated Features" article in the Product Updates help page.

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